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Weight Meter Perfct Scale Fake


Weight Meter Perfect Scale Fake is not real scales or weight machine; this is just for fun & entertainment purpose only, a prank app make a joke with the any store staff and friends about the weight. How to use this app, Put an ingredients/items like salt, sugar, rice, fruits and anything on the screen of your mobile phone and this weight meter scale simulator app will act like you weigh in kilos with your phone! Touch the screen with your fingers and Weight Meter perfect scale will show you weight on the screen it will looks like as a real scales as you see in real life. This Weight Meter Perfect Scales Simulator will show the weight of stuff on the phone sensor! Touch the scales insensibly pretend that you measured the actual weight of the thing laying on the phone screen! The sensor of Weight Meter Perfect Scales Simulator works only with the touch of fingers, but the app looks like fully functional scales weighing mass in kilos! Take Weight Meter Perfect Scale Simulator with you every time! Attention & Disclaimer! This Weight Meter Perfect Scale is a fake and prank app created for fun & entertainment purpose! This is not a real scale weight meter; it will not give you actually weight in kilos of the things ingredients your place on the phone screen. Don’t put heavy things on the screen. Use this Scales Weight Meter as a prank only